Breathing new life into the revered Range Rover Classic with intensive re-engineering for a more modern, more exciting and impressive driving experience, JIA in Banbury replaces the outdated suspension with a new independent system, steering & brakes and upgrades the drivetrain with a modern V8 engine & gearbox, whilst retaining the legendary 4WD transmission

New re-engineered chassis for better ride and handling

Based on an original specification Range Rover item, the JIA re-engineered chassis incorporates the additional strength and modified mountings for our spectacular transformation of the running gear.

Fully independent double wishbone suspension

Key to the transformation is replacement of the original outmoded live axles with our unique and innovative adjustable double wishbone suspension all round for vastly improved ride and roadholding.

6.2L 430BHP V8 for superior performance

Staying true to the concept of an American derived V8 engine, JIA turn to the excellent General Motors LS range of engines and complementary automatic transmissions to deliver reliability, improved fuel economy and a highly appropriate soundtrack, not to mention a power delivery to match the enhanced axles and braking.

Sympathetically re-trimmed to original specification

As with the other bespoke options available, our interiors range from light-touch refreshment of your favourite original interior to partial or full re-trimming, please contact us for more detail.

Bespoke options for body and interior upgrades

Chieftain encompasses a broad range of options from re-engineered but original looking cars through to a fully bespoked build to your specification, configure yours now to create your ideal Chieftain.

Configure your